Greenfield Technologies LLC

The name Greenfield Technologies was chosen as a natural result of my rural roots and longtime interest in sustainability. I was online early, visiting electronic bulletin board systems in the early 1990s, using CompuServe shortly thereafter, and going online via dial up as soon as it was possible to access the Internet in that way. Yes, it was spelled with a capital “I” in those days.

My first website,, was online in 1997. I earned a couple of IT certifications around that time, but was actively dairy farming, and largely missed the good part of the dot com boom. I left dairying, taught computer classes at a couple of tech schools, and then went back to school for a degree in Philosophy and Religion, with the intent of going to seminary. Seminary didn’t happen, but I served as a licensed local pastor in the United Methodist Church for 14 years.

My current economic focus is local IT support, promoting small scale biomass energy, along with solar photovoltaic and solar thermal energy. What you see here springs from these interests, and a recognition that we need to reform our economic life around principles of economic and environmental sustainability. We have quite a long way to go.

1800 Wells Valley Road
Wells Tannery, PA 16691 

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814-212-3836 (Main)

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