AgChoice Farm Credit

109 Farm Credit Dr
Chambersburg PA 17202

Contact: Tim Mussmon
Phone: (717) 263-3315

AgChoice Farm Credit is an Agricultural Credit Association with nearly $1.6 billion in gross loan assets. Through our 10 branch offices, we provide a broad range of financial services to farms and forest products business owners in a chartered territoryconsisting of 52 counties in central, western and northern Pennsylvania, as well as four counties in West Virginia.

AgChoice Farm Credit provides special added value to its customers through the 150+ employees who continually sharpen their skills and knowledge through our progressive training programs.

What We Do

While the primary focus for loans and services is in Pennsylvania’s largest industry – agriculture – a secondary and closely related focus is to offer country home loans, forest product loans, agri-business loans and small farm loans in our rural communities. We can service all of the credit needs of the part-time and full-time farmer, as well as the mortgage credit needs of the rural homeowner.

How We Operate

AgChoice Farm Credit is a federally chartered, but locally operated, cooperative that is owned by its borrowers. A minimal stock ownership requirement accompanies a borrowing relationship. In addition, AgChoice Farm Credit allocates its annual earnings (profits) back to its borrowers in proportion to the amount of interest paid for the year. Thus, the business truly operates only to the benefit of the customer-owners.

AgChoice Farm Credit borrowers purchase stock when they obtain their farm loans, giving them the right to participate in elections and have a voice in the business. The customer-owners elect AgChoice Farm Credit’s Board of Directors, who are customer-owners.

AgChoice Farm Credit provides many avenues of service always tailored to the customer’s need. Service may be provided in person, through phone or email, or you can manage your account electronically through AccountAccess.

A Commitment to Agriculture

Unlike commercial banks and other lenders, AgChoice Farm Credit is owned by its borrowers. This cooperative structure is one of the best assurances that competitively-priced products and farm loan terms will be available during good times and bad.

Our commitment to Pennsylvania’s agricultural and forest products industries is showcased through financial support of industry programs, leadership roles in industry organizations and through our team of specialized experts. Our team of dairy and forest products experts, understands day-to-day management of farm and business operations, the latest techniques and technology and standard operating procedures. They are a value-added resource, focusing their time on developing the most effective financial management needs and strategies for you, our customer-owners.